Which items often get broken during a move?

If you're moving to a new house or apartment, be advised: Some things are made to be broken.
When it comes to moving, you've got to be careful.

Which items are among the most likely to get smashed and dashed at moving time?

#1 - Electronics
Computers, TVs, and home entertainment systems are among the most likely victims of breakage when it comes time to move. If you drop electronics, the sensitive and delicate components can suffer major damage.
A possible solution? Save the boxes and packing materials that originally came with the items. When the time comes to transport the gear to your next home, re-pack your gadgets in the boxes and materials the way you purchased them.

#2 - Your Back
Back pain, pulled muscles, and broken bones are among the physical injuries you can suffer by trying to move that refrigerator or piano without the right equipment or people power.
Use a cart for larger pieces and go over the moving route in advance.

#3 - Mirrors
Seven years of bad luck might be in your future if you try to move mirrors yourself. It is a fragile item.
Mirrors also can be prone to breakage because the frames holding them can't withstand the force of being dropped or jostled. So don't sleep on your pillows when you're moving - use them as cushions for mirrors and other fragile times! You've got to pack them anyway.

#4 - The House
Door jambs, walls, and floors are prone to getting hit and scraped when moving larger items.
If you're worried about leaving any scratches on your old or new abode, one smart option might be to hire some experienced movers.

#5 - Glassware/China
Glassware, China, and dishes are among the most easily broken items during a move. These pieces are extremely fragile and can shatter when they're packed together like sardines.
So use paper and bubble wrap and leave space between them and the box.

#6 - Framed Artwork
Paintings and artwork are subject to various kinds of damage during moves if you drop them or pack them next to objects with sharp edges.
Very many times, frames are very ornate, expensive, and easy to crack. People try to pack things tight in a truck and they put boxes on top of paintings. If you do that, it's easy to put holes in them.


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